For us, the goal of technology is not simply to confirm that our products pass the en and uci regulations, or even our own, tougher internal standards. The more important purpose is to make stronger, more durable products by learning when, how and why failures occur.

Stronger Nipple Hole

Grid System

30% higher stiffness

Patent: ZL201420646060.6

VRS - Vibration Reduce System

Patent: ZL201420641856.2

ASsymetri Design

Asymmetric holes,Symmetric shape

Precise Reinforcement

Patent: ZL201420641752.1

BBS - Basalt Brake Surface

Bigger brake force,durable and quiet

WRS - Wider Rim System

Better control,less drag

OPM - One Piece Molding

We make sure a rim is made by one piece

HTR - High TG Resin

We solved the heating problem

SLT - Super Lightweight Tec

We make safe and most lightweight

TRS - Ti Rim System

Titanium makes a safer wheel

CSC - carbon fiber - Scandium - carbon fiber

We solved the heating problem

Patent: ZL201320884563.2

DTD - Double Triangle Design

Stronger and stabilized structure